Scope of the project

This is an app based on skin classification and treatment which can be used by manufacturers to promote their products, connect directly with end users, collect feedback based on product usage and run surveys.

Key Points of the Project

  • Find your Skin Type: This is based on a smart AI, which can dragonize the user’s skin type based on the answers to some simple questions.
  • Product Suggestion: As per the skin type, the application suggests what products are to be used and how to use them.
  • Salon Finder: Users can find the nearest authorized salons where they can purchase products or can go for skin treatment.
  • Contact: The app has a contact form and users are encouraged to send through inquiries, comments, complaints and suggestions.
  • Image compare: Users can compare before and after images in side-by-side view.
  • Special Offer and Tips: As per user’s skin type, the app shows useful tips of skin care as well some special offers by Nimue.
  • Product Catalogue: This has a full list of products offered by Nimue,arranged by product type as well as skin classification.
  • User’s personal zone: Users can save their skin type, product prescribed as per the skin type, preferred salons, images as well as can maintain a regular journal about their experiences.
  • Smart Notifications: Nimue can send personalized notifications to users as per their skin type.