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Breaking down the GDPR

What makes the GDPR so formidable? Can compliance with GDPR be, in any manner, turned into a business opportunity?
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GDPR will apply to all organizational units processing data of EU residents regardless of their geographical location.


Data subjects’ agreement is essential to most data processing purposes.

Privacy by Design

GDPR requires legal inclusion of data protection from the onset of data systems design through all the stages of the data lifecycle.

Individual Rights

Individuals will be empowered with the right to understand, rectify, object, and most importantly, the right to be forgotten with respect to their personal data.

Data Governance & Accountability

Data governance needs to step up to provide harmonization within the company – among stakeholders & among data silos. All compliance records & documentation need to be maintained.

Huge Penalty

Non-compliance will result in the financial fine of 4% of global turnover or €20m, alongside the latent costs of legal preparations & risk to reputation

Continuous & Evolving Process

Continuous compliance checks are essential in well-defined periods. The GDPR itself is a work in progress with newer regulations to be released in the future.


records & documentation need to be maintained records & documentation need to be maintainedrecords & documentation need to be maintainedrecords & documentation need to be maintained

AncileTech’s 360⁰ Solution

With 99 articles & 173 principles, comprising hundreds of regulations, to be fully GDPR compliant does require a well-defined plan of action. Where to begin? Which components to review? How often to review? And undoubtedly many more such Qs are answered by AncileTech’s 360⁰ Solu-tion. What makes the GDPR so formidable? Can compliance with GDPR be, in any manner, turned into a business opportunity? Contact us [Linked to ‘Get in Touch’] to learn more.



Enables client to measure current standing in terms of data compliance, infrastructure compliance and privacy risk assessment.


Tech Solution

Equips client with tooling support for robust data encryption technologies, improved privacy design, among others.


Data Management

Provides client with data solutions to manage data governance, inventory and portability.

Why us

Regulatory Expertise

Experienced Data Architect who has developed frameworks for similar regulations, such as MiFID II for the UK Financial sector.

Smart Semantic Technology

We provide a unique product offering ‘Smart Semantic Technology’ for AI powered solutions at a competitive price.

Agile Team

Dedicated team of IT professionals with experience in FinTech, IT product development and Semantic Technology.

Time & Cost Saving

Automated processes & dedicated team for custom solutions resulting in more done in less time and money.

360⁰ Solutions

Three-pronged approach involving Auditing, Technology solutions and Data management for seamless GDPR compliance.

Custom Solutions

Tailored solutions for effective compliance as there is no one-size-fits-all.

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